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The base content comes from many sources but all aligned to the ICAO syllabus requirements, and created for an international operational airline.

The aviation training manuals, standards manuals and courses have successfully been through three CAA audits and an ICAO audit so are pretty robust.

If you are a startup airline, or looking to align courses with your specific operational standards, I have a bundle that could provide you with a lot of what you need in terms of your training, and HR tools if needed.

The bundle can include:

OMD, inclusive of detailed syllabi, Maintenance Training Manual, a number of other training policy manuals and editable ppt based courses.

These all come fully editable to tune to your specific operational requirements so are fully customizable.

The cost of the bundle is negotiable based on whether it provides you with value, but is representative of the many hours dedicated to producing these resources.

In summary and unfortunately, due to an adverse number of major challenges that the airline faced by the failed safety audit of our CAA the airline is no longer operating, and all these resources sit idle.

Contact me by submitting a request on the contact tab and I will get in touch with you where we can discuss your requirements, send you examples and if required, download my editable masters which you can customize to meet your own specific operational training requirements.

This library provides individuals and companies with access to over 60 aviation Industry courses, providing mandatory recurrent training essential for maintaining recency of qualifications.


    Aviation Flight Crew Training             Aviation Maintenance Training

    Aviation Cabin Crew Training             Aviation General  Subjects

    Aviation Dispatcher Training              

This library provides individuals and companies with access to over 20 automotive sector courses for:

    Professional Sales Consultant

    Professional Service Advisor

    Product Operator 

    Product Service

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