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Independent Trainer 

If you are an experienced trainer in either aviation or automotive field and looking for the right solution for delivering your training courses on-line, contact us!


Conditions for using the LMS


The LMS has been set up as a platform for providing cost effective high quality online training to the aviation sector and has two key functions:


  1. Providing access to predominantly recurrent training programs at an affordable price, either as self-study, learner paced and narrated courses plus Instructor led courses via a webinar platform.

  2. Providing a platform and resources to a community of aviation trainers to enable them to deliver training.


Below are the terms and conditions we require to enable us to welcome you into our community of aviation trainers.


Charging and payment structure

The charging structure has been set up to ensure a simple system:


  1. All courses are charged to the learner at a single rate of 35USD.

  2. PGH Consultants will charge a fee of 15% of any income generated by our trainers delivering live training seminars. e.g., If a seminar is delivered for 10 learners charged at 35USD per learner , the income generated will be 350USD.


On this example:


        10 learners at USD 35

        Total income = USD 350

        PGH Consultants admin and course access fee @ 15% = USD 52.5


        Balance to trainer = USD 297.5


The charging system will collect the fund and we will transfer payment to your account minus the admin fee at the end of each calendar month.


Training material

Our preference is that you work with us to continually improve the training materials that we provide, however, we also understand that you may have courses that you would like to offer and deliver. Under these circumstances, any material or none PGHC catalogue courses, will need to meet company standards in terms of content and presentation format.


Trainer validation

We ask that all new trainers joining our community first take our Train the Trainer Course. This will allow us to assess your current training skills and provide you with the insight to use the tools and facilities that we will provide you with.



We hope that you find these terms and conditions acceptable and look forward to welcoming you to our community.


Please consider that we are new and so still have a long way to go with building our community and customers. 


We all have a great opportunity to make this successful, but without customers, it will be difficult. Please communicate what we are doing to as many contacts as you can, including companies who would be interested in their own branded portal and courses, and let’s see where this leads?

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